Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Answers to queries

Hopefully an occasional series...

It appears that I do have readers, and I wouldn't bear to delete my first genuine fan mail, even if it's just a query.

A reader named Questions for TSFF, linking himself to a wikileaks page about the Toronto Singapore Film Festival, asks the following, presumably in addition to the questions already raised on the wiki page:

As the Programme Director of the Toronto Singapore Film Festival, can you also confirm whether the festival is indeed a registered non-profit organisation - ie provide its official registration number and a link to the relevant Toronto city registration website?

The festival had been claiming non-profit status from its inception in its literature for sponsorship to potential sponsors in Singapore, but was allegedly only registered in 2008.

Dear Queries for TSFF,

As the Programme Director of the 3rd Toronto Singapore Film Festival, serving from roughly 1 August 2007 to about 1 April 2008, my list of duties were as follows:
  • Collecting the entries for the TSFF in Singapore through my mailing address
  • Curating the films with Ms Kristin Saw of the Substation
  • Programming the festival with Ms Kristin Saw
  • Advising the Singapore committee on an ad hoc basis on various issues, mostly funding and sponsorship
In the course of my duties, I came to know that the TSFF was not a registered non-profit organisation, and that the Canada committee intended to register it officially shortly before or after the festival.

Although I was privy to earlier drafts of the letters that were drafted for potential sponsors, I do not have access to the actual versions that were sent, and cannot confirm if the TSFF, its then-director Chia Yeow-tong, or the Singapore committee had presented themselves as a non-profit organisation.

In the course of my duties, I had no dealings with the Canada committee - all decisions being either made by the director Chia Yeow-tong or passed on by him personally to the committee in Singapore. Hence, I am unable to confirm if TSFF was indeed eventually registered.

Do visit the website for TSFF and direct further queries to info@tsff.org, or the addresses provided on the wikileaks page, which seem to be correct.

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